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Free Instant Analysis 
Let our Trade Triangle technology instantly analyze any stock, futures or forex market for you. It’s free, It’s informative and it's on the money. You will then receive a daily email updated anlaysis if you wish.
  Analysis Description
    This analysis takes the events listed below and provides an overal score to accurately indicate if there is an Upward or Downward Trend in your Stock, Futures or Forex position.  The end result will be a score that ranges from -100 to +100.  If the score is in the negative, that would indicate a downward trend.  A positive result would indicate and upward trend.  This analysis has been backtest for a very long time and have proven to be one of the most accurate in the industry.

Along with the rusults will be a detailed chart illustration with green and red trend lines that will provide a clear illustration of the analysis results.
  Formula Details  (view an example for Stocks or Forex )
  Last hour Close Above 5 Hour Moving Average
  New 3 Day Low
  Last Price Above 20 Day Moving Average
  New 3 Week High
  New 3 Month Low

Please Read -   Gaining access to the FREE analysis will require a simple two step sign up process. 
First, you will complete the form below.  Then you will be redirected to the free analysis request page where you will enter your market symbols and required information.  Upon completion of both steps, you will receive an instant analysis and daily email updates if you wish to continue for free.  Enjoy!!!

Step 1:  Fill out the form below to complete step one of this two step registraton process.  Further instructions will appear on the next page after you submit.
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