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How to Read the Trading Crowd:
This e-book looks at various means that analysts use to get a reading on what the trading crowd is thinking and where it may take prices.

The Beginner's Guide to Futures:
Trading One of the biggest obstacles to success in trading markets is a lack of knowledge and understanding of the "process of trading." The process of trading includes understanding the instruments you are trading, understanding financial leverage, understanding market behavior and understanding yourself.

Trading Pro's Secret:
Want Trading Secrets From the Pros? The Trading Pro's Secret: Intermarket Analysis can help you better understand what it takes to be successful with VantagePoint.

10 Chart Patterns:
With this complimentary eBook by Jim Wyckoff, Futures traders will be able to analyze charts to find patterns that reflect what traders have done in similar situations in the past to gain clues about the probabilities of future price action.

Bringing Your Trading Vision into Focus:
Don’t have a trading plan yet? Jim Wyckoff is here to help you better understand what it takes to be successful with VantagePoint.
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